Fire has always been an element that evokes some kind of emotion. It can be mesmerizing and calming, but also dangerous and destructive. Almost two million years ago it was a means to cooking food and a source of heat. It has captivated mankind for an eternity. Our curiosity is so heavily sparked with this subject it's no wonder some people like to work close to the element. I'm not speaking about the people who put out the fires, but about the people who enjoy lighting them. The following images reflect a culture that thrives on manipulating fire as a form of entertainment, meditation or simply discipline. These artists and performers have brought the fire arts to a new level and they continue to do so on a daily basis. Some of the following images are captured moments of a particular performance. Others are portraits aimed at showing off the beauty and elegance of a medium these artists work with. Keep in mind that the following stunts are done by individuals who've had years of training.

I've been photographing the fire arts for well over a decade and this gallery is a dedication to all the fire artists that I've been lucky enough to work with.