I became an architectural photographer completely by accident (almost). Back in the day I worked in a photography lab and due to the influx of digital photography, the lab closed. Not wanting to get comfortable in the same routine I decided that assisting another photographer might be the answer. And if I were to do this, it should be an architectural photographer. Creating a good architectural image is no easy task, so why not get in over my head.

Over a decade later, I've learned techniques from many mentors and found my own processes along the way. Each and every one of those tricks are key in capturing a high-end architectural photograph.

Whether you need photographs of Residential Interiors, Exteriors, Restaurants, Office Spaces, Theaters, Playgrounds, Fitness Centers, Showrooms, etc...; (you get the idea), contact Finger Photography with any questions that you may have.

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This Image: Construction of the new control tower at San Francisco International Airport