When I was young an artist friend of mine said, I never want my art to turn into my work.

That's why I've studied photography the way I have. Many hours were spent under the safe light of a darkroom. Experimenting. Trying to dive deeper, become more proficient in the art. I was 16 then. Fast forward 16 plus years and these days I purposely try to do as much as possible within the camera, instead of relying on the computer. However, I have absolutely no problem using Photoshop to take an image to another level. It's all in how you use your tools.

Because of this passion, I've experimented with every aspect of it as I could. It didn't matter if I was lighting up a street of houses or painting the emulsion on the paper my photo is being printed on. Photography has become an extension of myself. The art form has become an ever evolving puzzle that constantly interests me. Some days the puzzle is to figure out where to place dozens of lights to make a piece of architecture sparkle. On other days it's following your instincts as you predict the next movements your subject is going to make on the stage. Because of this my art has never turned into my work.